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The secret to success on Google Adwords

The secret to success on Google Adwords - Scalewave Marketing

Negative Keywords are often times the most neglected component of Google Adwords campaigns. Most of you are either unfamiliar with negative keywords or simply haven’t used them. Negative keywords are essentially specific words you want for Google to not show any of your ads.

Although it may seem unnecessary, it is vital towards creating a perfectly optimized Google campaign.

This often solves the problem of irrelevant or unwanted clicks. Adding negative keywords on Google will help target the consumers for your product/service much more accurately and can save you a lot of time and money.

If you have a lot of keywords using “phrase match”, you could lose a significant amount of ad spend on pointless clicks without properly optimized negative keywords.

Think of negative keywords as a filter for unwanted traffic.

Not only do negative keywords remove unwanted traffic, but they dramatically increase your click-through rate. These are the little differences that lead to a successfully run campaign that most ad experts fail to utilize.

Google Adwords Frustration

It’s very important to keep a fine line between using negative keywords and overusing them.

If you go too crazy with negative keywords and add a lot of them you might end up lowering chances of getting certain leads. The key is to find specific words that could detract from your business. Simply adding words not associated with your business isn’t enough.

For example, if you’re a dentist and you’re marketing your dental implant service, you want to attract a potential patient searching “best dental implant specialist near me” (a long-tail keyword), rather than “how much are dental implants”.

In fact, price shopping is one of the leading causes of wasted ad-spend.

As you can see, a negative keyword list can effectively increase your ROI and improve your Google Adwords campaign.

Focus on words that have absolutely nothing to do with your business but could be accidentally searched.

Once you’ve mastered Negative keywords, the money you’ll save will be undoubtedly noticed.

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