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How to improve your dental marketing efforts

How to improve your dental marketing efforts - Scalewave Marketing

Patients want simplicity and transparency. Your dental marketing efforts should reflect just that Therefore, at the root of every successful lead generation campaign, is a beautiful, conversion-optimized landing page.

Conversion Optimization is an art entailing the utilization of user interface (UI) and Psychological (consumer behavior) principles to design a website or landing page that will increase the rate at which your visitors “opt-in” to your service. 

Arguably the most important facet of the online marketing funnel is your landing page, which is your brand’s digital representative, as well as being the recipient of the traffic your hard-earned money generated through advertising.

THEREFORE… before spending copious amounts of money on ads, SEO, or anything else, you must have an A/B tested, clear, and conversion-optimized landing page that you are confident relays your message and services properly.

With such a low percentage it is easy to see why conversion optimization is oftentimes difficult. Not every lead will sign up or purchase the product or service you are offering. This brings us to the notorious business mantra of “the numbers game”. 

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As much as people try and avoid it, things can be simplified and broken down into a numbers game. The higher your traffic volume leads to a higher conversion rate which leads to everyone’s inevitable goal of increased ROI (return on investment).

The ideal goal to exemplify a successful landing page is to have a conversion rate between 5-10%. This is the optimal scenario to maximize advertising results and in turn, profit potential.

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