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Why Use a Digital Agency?

Why Use a Digital Agency? - Scalewave Marketing

Digital Marketing is a method of combining all the different approaches a company could take to increase its online presence. This can include brand building, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, and blogging. But why should your business use a digital marketing agency rather than do it itself? Here are three of the best reasons:

A comprehensive digital marketing plan has many facets.

Reason #1: Digital Marketing Agencies Know What They’re Doing

Your job is to operate your business, it’s as simple as that. If you need a new roof, you don’t sit down and learn how to do it; you pay someone to do it for you. If you need a filling, you don’t put yourself through dental school, you go to a dentist. Likewise, with digital marketing.

Additionally, digital marketers know what they’re doing. The world of online marketing changes incredibly quickly and staying on top of all the new innovations is extremely difficult. The chances that your company has the expertise to keep up with the pros is unlikely.

And, of course, it’s not just keeping up that’s important. It’s the job of digital marketing agencies to find new ways to advertise online because internet users become blind to online advertising quickly. Your company can’t be as up-to-date as the digital marketing agencies, so you’d be better off leaving it to them.

Reason #2: Digital Marketing Agencies Have The Time That You Don’t Have

Did we mention that your job is to run your business? If you have a successful business, I am sure it is because you are good at it. And I’m also sure that it’s because you spend long hours making it as successful as you possibly can.

Now imagine you need to start working on a digital marketing campaign. Not only do you have to learn all about it but you also have to find the time to do it. Then, when you have learned everything you need to learn, you then have to find the time put it all into action.

Reason #3: Digital Marketing Agencies Are More Cost-Effective

Finally, the reason that digital marketing agencies are more cost-effective is that they know what they’re doing. Whatever your business is, whether it’s a local plumbing service or a national food chain, setting up a dedicated digital marketing department is an expensive exercise.

This is not just for the most obvious reasons such as buying new equipment, hiring new personnel and training them. It’s also because, as you can see from the list in the introduction, the different aspects of digital marketing means hiring just one person to do everything is not possible.

For example, you could hire someone to write your blog, but that same person may not have the copywriting skills you need for advertising, so you will need to hire a copywriter. However, neither your blogger nor copywriter may know anything about social media marketing, so you will also need to hire someone for that, and so it goes on.

Wrapping It All Up

As you can see just from this short article, digital marketing is a complex and time-consuming operation. Don’t try to do it yourself; it will end up costing you time you don’t have and money you can’t afford. Focus on doing what you do well and leave the digital marketing to the experts. You’ll thank yourself later.

What Is Conversion Optimization?

Conversion Optimization, aside from being a buzzword, is an art entailing the utilization of User Interface (U.I) and Psychological (Consumer Behavior) principles to design the layout of a website or landing page that will increase the rate at which your site visitors convert to leads. Arguably the most important facet of the online marketing funnel, your landing page is your brand’s digital representative, as well as being the recipient of the traffic your hard earned money is sending to through advertisements. 

THEREFORE… before turning on your campaigns and funneling money into the advertisements, you must have an A/B tested, clean, conversion optimized landing page that you are confident, based on data, relays your message properly. 

Fun Fact: The average landing page conversion rate across all industries falls at an approximate 2.35%. 

Not only is the average very low, but it does not come as a surprise. In other words, for every 1,000 visitors the average page receives, only about 20 of them will dish out their information or take part in the service. This may sound decent at first glance, however one must remember that not every lead results in a sale of service or product. This brings us to the notorious business concept of “ the numbers game”. As much as you hate hearing it, selling most services & products can be simplified in such a way that you must attract sheer volume of potential buyers, and try to capture as many as you can. 

Formula: High Conversion Rate + High Volume Of Traffic = Higher ROI ($$$), similarly Low Conversion Rate + High Volume Of Traffic = Wasted Ad spend AND Lower ROI ($$$)

The math is simple, and it’s up to you to decide which end of the spectrum you want to be on. In reality, you want your website’s conversion rate to fall at a minimum of 5% or higher. This puts you in a position to maximize your return on ad spend, in turn maximizing your profit potential. 

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