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Maximizing your Medical Practices Marketing R.O.I

Maximizing your Medical Practices Marketing R.O.I - Scalewave Marketing

When Medical Practices spend thousands of dollars every month on marketing they expect results. The biggest problem our clients have had with their previous marketing companies is the lack of high-quality leads. Companies will get over 100 leads for a medical practice in a month’s time, however, almost none of the leads end up showing up. 

The biggest problem that most marketing companies fail to realize is that leads in the medical industry are much more about quality as opposed to quantity.

With the ever-growing amount of medical practices nowadays, potential patients have various options and don’t immediately feel the need to show up to an appointment just because they signed up. 

These are problems that happen in every industry, however, it is especially important in the medical industry.

The best way to fully maximize your ROI is thru lead nurturing. Potential Patients want to feel they are inexperienced and knowledgable hands or they will be reluctant to show up. The key process that most companies overlook is lead nurturing.


Lead Nurturing makes a substantial difference and is the key to closing potential patients (Or at least getting the patient to show up to their appointment).

Lead nurturing is exactly what it sounds like, building trust and developing an almost personal connection with the potential patients throughout every stage leading up to the appointment. Most importantly, the patient knows you care when you try and guide them as much as possible throughout the process.

Lead Nurturing is absolutely essential in the Medical Marketing business. Unlike other industries, acquiring leads does not directly correlate to closed cases and new patients.

Potential patients are more skeptical than ever and have a wide variety of practices to choose from. Lead Nurturing is what can separate your practice from the rest.

Having automated touchpoints to further qualify the lead as well as keeping them informed and educated during the process is what closes the patients. Once the patient makes an appointment for the consultation, you can begin the process.

When most marketing companies stop as soon as the lead comes in, we set up automated and personal stages to ensure the patient is coming in, as well as being serious about actually wanting the service your medical practice provides. 

An automated texting sequence like ClickSend is useful for re-confirming the appointment. Having an immediate second form of confirmation helps the patient feel more comfortable. The second key to lead nurturing is having the receptionist at the medical practice call the patient a day or two after to once again confirm the appointment as well as addressing any questions or concerns the patient may have.


It is important for your marketing company to build a relationship with your practices receptionist so they know exactly when to contact and how each should approach the patient to garner trust between the practice and potential patients.

Finally, an email confirmation through an automated service like Constant Contact helps with not only the final confirmation but a reminder in case the patient forgets. This lead nurturing system keeps constant communication between the patient and the practice is key.

Building trust is what medical marketing lead conversion is all about. If your lead nurturing system is structured right, the results will show.

If you haven’t noticed by now, medical practice marketing is our thing.

Interested in learning about how your practice can close leads? Feel free to sign up for a free consultation! We’d love to help bring in more patients and in turn your revenue.

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