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Landing Page Tips for Lead Generation

Landing Page Tips for Lead Generation - Scalewave Marketing

Creating a perfectly optimized landing page is one of, if not the most important aspect of a successful lead generation campaigns. It should also be the most imperative component of the overall marketing strategy. 

Most companies see a 2-3% conversion on their landing pages, however, the companies that hire successful digital marketers that create thoroughly optimized landing pages see double-digit percentages in their leads and conversions. We’ll discuss a few things you can do to optimize your landing page to bring in steady lead flow.

Have a specific goal/service in mind: 

The most commonly observed problem with most landing pages is that there is no specific service or goal in mind when creating the landing page.

For example, if a dental practice wants to create a landing page it is not efficient if the landing page discusses the overall services of the rental company. 

Instead, dentists should focus on a specific service (implants, veneers, etc). This, in turn, helps gather specific leads to fulfill the needs of customers interested in that specific service. If someone wants dental implants, stumbling upon a landing page with multiple services will deter and confuse them. This will inevitably lose the potential lead. 

The Landing page must have a clear and simple headline that captures what service the landing page is promoting in order to attract people that will be interested in it. If the landing page makes it evident on exactly what the product or service is and how it works, then it will attract a significantly greater amount of high-quality leads.

Note: Some high-quality landing page builder sites to consider are (Clickfunnels*), (Instapage*), and (Unbounce*)

Always remember that when building a lead generation strategy, be direct and easy to understand text explaining the service and how it will benefit the reader: 

Too often I see landing pages with tons of unnecessary text that are too confusing or too much for the reader to understand.

This is an example of a completely unorganized Landing page with a significant amount of unnecessary text.

The key is to remove the fluff and only have vital information on how your product/service can benefit the potential customer. Keeping each text simple, as well as highlighting keywords that the customer wants to hear like (50% off, over 3,000 sold, etc) in addition to highlighting case studies so customers can see proven results. 

Customers are looking for proof of success with any product or service you may be selling so reviews, case studies, and statistics are recommended. The consumer wants to feel they are in educated and experienced hands for whatever the product or service may be.

Example of a clear and easy to understand Landing page

Videos and Questions/Concerns: 

Videos are quick and easy ways to grab the attention and interest of the consumer. They are much more likely to watch a video than reading long text so videos can be a major asset when it comes to building a successful landing page. 

With any product or service, consumers will naturally have questions and concerns. Addressing any of those potential situations with a frequently asked questions section can help remove any doubt of a potential customer that’s on the fence.

These are just a few proven tips that will drastically improve your landing page and in turn, greatly increase qualified leads.

For more lead generation tips & tricks, book a call with one of our experts!

Bonus: The perfect way to test how well your landing page converts in to send qualified traffic from sources like Google Adwords (PPC) and targeted Facebook Ads.

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