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Why Your Current Agency Can’t Produce The Results Your Business Needs

Why Your Current Agency Can't Produce The Results Your Business Needs

The number one question that I receive when conducting a pre-agreement meeting is: “My last marketing company screwed me over, what makes yours different?” I love when this questions come up, because the answer is very simple.

My three word response: Systems & Processes.

In 2019, the sheer volume of “digital agencies” is so overwhelming, that it can become difficult as a business owner to make the right choice. In fact, most of the business owners we have spoken to, have been burned at one point or another through dealing with one of these “digital agencies”. This occurs because these companies are using cookie cutter strategies, & duplicating what worked for their last ten clients, assuming it will automatically work for the next.

This is WRONG. There exists no one size fits all strategy when it comes to properly marketing & generating leads for your business. While certain processes stay consistent, successful digital agencies understand that each business is it’s own entity, faces different challenges, & requires a different approach. From a business perspective, it is much easier to create a single ad, as using the same process for every client allows you to scale fluidly as an agency owner. HOWEVER, if an agency expects to attain a positive long term outlook, they must understand the concept of selectivity & industry expertise.

Our Process: Rather than your conventional marketing meeting filled with buzzwords, industry averages, & glamour… Scalewave gets into the nitty gritty that other companies won’t touch in an effort to understand your business, your mindset, your previous strategies, & ultimately, your goals. We feel as if taking a consulting approach to revenue generation is the only way to go, & un-surprisingly, it has brought us great success. Over the past 6 months, we have generated over 10,000 leads across four industries. By utilizing data to drive decisions & pivots, spending as little as possible of your hard earned money on ad-spend, & increasing advertising efficiency, we are able to create a profitable, fruitful relationship for both ourselves, & the client.

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